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Your spanish lawyers and tax-advisers

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legal due diligence
Verification of real estate, registration, cadastre etc.


The Anglo-Saxon term "Due Diligence" refers to a legal analysis of the legal situation of the property. This legal analysis prior to the sale plays a very important role in minimizing possible legal risks, providing security and guarantees to the buyer. 

From our firm, we not only deal with the transaction of the purchase, preparing the purchase contract, assisting at the notarial signature and processing the payment of the taxes, but also we offer this important legal examination. Once passed the Due Diligence it follows the purchase contract, contract with buyer's option or the reservation contract.

In conclusion, the Due Diligence is usually done before signing any contract. If there is a hurry to sign the reservation, we will process the contract review and Due Diligence at the same time so that you can sign your purchase with all legal guarantees.


 Our services include:

  • IThe legal analysis of the property in terms of its registered owners and if they are authorized to sell it.
  • IThe legal analysis of possible real rights registered in the Land Registry.
  • IThe analysis of the Cadastre and Land Registry data includes obtaining a current registration note.
  • IObtaining a certificate from sellers that there are no pending legal or administrative procedures against the property.
  • IThe verification of the payment of the last IBI payments or obtaining a certificate.
  • IA written summary of the results and a personal or telephone conversation to discuss the results.

the purchase
Negotiation with sellers, pre-contract, public deed, taxes etc.


Especially in such transcendental legal acts as the real estate purchase, it is important to have an independent expert who, unlike a seller or real estate agent, has no direct interests in the formalization of the purchase.

From our Law Firm, we not only review or elaborate the puchase contract for you, but we also represent and advise you on all the important steps to do such as, communicate and negotiate with the sellers,  assist at notary and with registration in the Land Registry, process the payment of taxes etc.

Although the sale and puplic deed are made in Spanish (negotiations, documents, etc.) we draft the double column sales contract in your language (English or German), so the language will not be an obstacle to buying or selling your property in Spain.


Our services include:

  • IWhere appropriate, preparation of the NIE application.
  • IThe revision or drafting of the deposit contract, as well as the negotiations with the sellers.
  • IThe preparation and drafting of the public deed, in its case the assistance in Notary, as well as the translation of the deed.
  • IThe presentation of the land tax (modelo 600) before the Junta de Andalucía if the property is located in Andalusia.
  • IIn case of buying from non-residents, the presentation of the withholding- tax (modelo 210) on before the spanish tax administration. 
  • IAgency and payment of the tax by our client account.
  • IThe processing of the registration of the sale in the Land Registry.  

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