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International legal and tax services.


Our Firm offers legal and tax services in civil, mercantile, fiscal and administrative matters. For our extensive experience in the international field, we can offer you full legal and tax advices on matters with a foreign element and assist you in the constitution and management of your economic activity in Spain.

As authorized PAE, we take care of all the procedures to start the economic activity, we constitute your company and we assist you in all aspects related to the management: legal, fiscal, accounting, corporate.

Contact us by phone or email and we serve you in Spanish, German and English.

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Sander, Santos & partners

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Legal and tax services
Lawyers and Tax advisers


Legal services

In our experience, it is always better to delimit each specific issue in a personal meeting or by telefone, because most of the issues involve several of the different branches of Law. Even so, clicking on the different links to the right, you may find information about our services regarding administrative, tax, civil and commercial matters.. 


Our Firm: 

 - International tax law.

- Private international law.

- Real estate law.

- Commercial and corporate law. 

Tax and fiscal services

Along with legal and tax advice, we offer assistance in the management of administrative procedures as well as in the filing of tax returns, model 720, self-employment registration, business formation, etc. We also represent you as lawyers before the Tax Agency, we act as your representative in Spain and we receive all the communication through our Firm.


Our services: 

- Tax planning for companies and self-employed.

- Tax declarations for the self-employed.

- Tax returns for Non-residents.

- Presentation IRPF, VAT, withholdings, etc

- International tax planning for individuals.
- Tax planning for companies and self-employed.
- Tax declarations for the self-employed.
- Tax returns for Non-residents.
- Tax declarations for businessmen.
- Presentation IRPF, VAT, withholdings, etc

Corporate law and accounting

Apart from the advice itself, we assist you in the management of your economic activity, either as an individual businessman or as a collective businessman or business corporation. As PAE we process the entire self-registration process, we create your company (S.L.), we carry out the accounting and taxation and we manage the request for licenses, responsible statements, etc.



Our services: 

- Registration in autonomous.

- Processing of the "Residence".

- Creation of companies (S.L.).

- Obtaining tourist rental licenses.

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Avenida de Manuel Agustín Heredia, 6, 1º2, 29001 Málaga
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